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  1. Dukel

    Pvp coins

    Yes , in about a week we will do an update with some new items and features like pvp coins
  2. Dukel

    Siege Event

  3. Dukel

    Update - 06/05/2020

    The epics that need teleportation cube will be closed ONLY AFTER 1 hour and 40 minutes instead of 20 minutes like before . This update is done for more pvps !
  4. Dukel

    Vote problems

    our vote system is not activated
  5. Dukel

    VIP seems uselles

    people making items +9/10 and even selling them because they have extra
  6. Dukel

    VIP seems uselles

    Hello, VIP has extra chances for enchant and ls you can compare them with a normal char. Aboiut the drops , in few mins we will do a RR and it will be fixed for solo players too
  7. Dukel

    VIP seems uselles

    We will do a RR right now and it will be fixed ,sorry about that.
  8. poll is till running
  9. Dukel

    Life Stone

    We will think about it but our gameplay from the opening is focused on RB and Epic hunting
  10. Dukel

    VIP seems uselles

    Hello, You must in a party with someone who has different ip Chance for augments is higher
  11. Dukel

    Life Stone

    By donating or joining a CP/Clan
  12. Dukel

    Life Stone

    Hello ,we have only TOP LS from RBs and Epics
  13. Dukel

    TOP LS

    Hello , we will consider it . Thank you for your suggestion
  14. Dukel

    Update - 04/05/2020

    Semi Epic and normal RBs will drop now 3 BoGs and 9 TOP LifeStones Dagger has been nerfed CDL from Necro has been nerfed Olympiad will be from 19:00 GMT +3 tiil 01:00 AM GMT +3
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