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  1. Dacia

    Pvp coins

    You will change pvp's from each player in coins i hope;))
  2. Dacia

    Pvp coins

    There is any chance in future to buy some items with pvp's? Because i see in auction we can sell items for pvp item but nothing can be buyed!
  3. Dacia

    VIP seems uselles

    And where the fuck i find a player with differnt ip when i am solo...I wonder why a have donated for vip in this coditions...I see allot of party's with full bots and me with VIP trying to farm some keys and cannot receive x2 drop because i dont have som1 invited.A fukin shity situation.Hope you change something about this.
  4. Dacia

    VIP seems uselles

    From 200 tops i didnt get 1 fukin active or passive I think this is not higher chance at all..
  5. Dacia

    VIP seems uselles

    Well i have some problems with the vip status because there is no 2x drop or bigger chance for augments.Why i have this problem? Character name GetoDac
  6. I have putted some items in auction for selling but when i look on the things on auction it is not appearing my items...There is a problem or just bug?
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