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  1. Gux

    Beta 26/4/2020 20:00 GMT +3

    fresh l2, did the system and everything, still the same
  2. Gux

    Beta 26/4/2020 20:00 GMT +3

    cant login doesnt let me through the part where i need to choose the server
  3. Gux

    Beta 26/4/2020 20:00 GMT +3

    So as I understand, in live server, mana potiona accessories etc will be available in olympiad? And could you explain what is the point of no auguments in oly?
  4. Gux

    Facebook Event

  5. Gux

    9vs9 Event

    Char name: Gux Team name : Disgrace
  6. Gux


    After a break, and due to quarantine we are coming back to play for a few weeks. No recruitment. Mage party. Gl all [
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