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    We decided to run an event on our Discord Group 🎁 The steps are very simple : 1) join our Discord Group : click here 2) You must click the "like" emoji in this MESSAGE 3) You must comment below this post your Discord profile and your char name Example : 1) 2) Discord Profile : Dukel#6968 , Char name : Dukel Rewards : There will be πŸ†3 random winners πŸ† πŸ₯‡1st : 300 Donate coins πŸ₯ˆ2nd : 200 Donate coins πŸ₯‰3rd : 100 Donate coins Don't forget that you can claim your role in our Discord Group too! Read more info here
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    Are you a Side leader ? Are you a CP Leader ? Are you a Streamer ? Did you support our server by making a donation ? Then claim your role by one of these options , by leaving a comment below or by pming me on forum or by pming me on Discord or by sending a message to our Facebook Page In all cases you must provide proofs , for example : if you are a Side Leader or CP Leader you must send me your Side or CP topic ,if you are a streamer you can just provide your stream link, if you donated just let me know the char name . P.S Topics about sides will be pinned .
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    ppl's need more party farm location! newbies never farm at here but all off pk him!!!!
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    Hello everyone i want to make one suggestion about balance of the server. As i see the balance of this server is not good. I realise that the range of the mages its the same with archers. Second i as archer i critical to +4 set dc 3k and i have +4 tateo set and they hit me 5,4k mc and hit mc 1:3 1:2 so make more range to archers first of all and second give him MR or something to balance it. I donate too many euros and i love archer and i hate mages. So i hope to see some changes before left him without reason, becausee i like the server. A and one more thing give some atk speed to archers and put tattoo insde the server plz
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    same range its not the right thing on every server i had played before
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    bro as i said i hit in +4 dark crystal set 3k critical and mage hit me 5,4k magic critical and they mc like one magic critical on 3 hits with 1500 casting speed and +0 arcana mace its not balance. Lower the MC chance for sure
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    System folder must have the name "System"
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    Hello, please follow all the steps of the event
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    Thank you Sir.
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    iLLuZioNz SpeedHack 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
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    Interlude Client : GameBorder L2Hooligans FINAL Patch : Mega.nz L2Hooligans FINAL Patch : Mediafire
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    Please download our latest Patch ! Links were updated today , this patch will be the same with the opening ! The name of the patch should be " L2HooligansPatchFinal .rar " Don't forget that beta is still up .
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    Hello , everything that you mentioned and few more options
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    For example 1 day after heroes we will add hero coins

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